Cricket, cricket.

Well, it certainly hasn't been much a cacophony here, has it? Makes me feel a bit foolish for the name. I have several half-written recipes for posting, a few pictures I ought to throw up of a (pretty damn tasty) stir-fry, and just that sort of thing. I haven't died or anything like that, I've just suddenly been over-run by my actual life and, while I have been doing a lot of cooking with my roommate, I haven't been paying much attention or photographing it.

Which is awful, considering that I made this potato dish earlier in the week and nearly died it was so delicious. Going to have to try that again, this time while taking note of what I am doing. Note and photo.

That said, I do have things to post and things I still want to cook and a rant about Top Chef that undoubtedly needs ranting. I just also have to go to the store and do some laundry and clean my apartment and figure out what I'm eating for Christmas and sleep. Clearly, sleep. And I can probably do a lot of that today since Chicago came through with the fantastic winter storm, if the sound against my window and everything is any indicator, and work told me not to come in.

I am going to try and do much better about making this a cacophony.


No, really. Just bear with me. Things are a-coming.

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