The Old Soup (in a manner of speaking)

My roommate and I have already decided that there will be many, many soups made in this apartment. I am planning on mushroom soup and potato soup and, well, lots of soups. But before I can move on to all the new soups, I feel I should remember the old soup.

It isn't fancy, the old soup. It isn't even that old, unless you consider two months to be old and, in fact, think of it as young soup. Still, this soup isn't fancy either way you look at it. It is cheap and easy (floozy soup, you might say, and I am sure that someday I will) but quite tasty. And as a bonus - measurements for things aren't even important because you - and you alone - know how much soup you want!

Unless you are like me and often realize later that you wanted more soup. A problem, but not a horrible problem.

So! For this soup you need!

- chicken (or veg) broth - mine is bouillon cubes that I just make according to the direction.
- chicken breast (poached and made into deliciously tender chunks)
- frozen peas
- mushrooms (sliced)
- garlic (several cloves, poached, and mashed)
- onion (diced)
- carrots (sliced into coins)
- water chestnuts (if you want some crunch)
- other veg that you would like to add. potatoes might be good, celery, you know. whatever.
- butter-and-flour mixed into a paste (roux!) (it doesn't take much, maybe a tablespoon or two)
- salt, pepper, the rest of it.

Now. You have the broth all delicious looking in your pot. Add the veg and chicken and garlic and keep on a-cooking until it the veg is no longer raw, but tender. The water chestnuts, if you are using them, stay crisp and crunchy (but i mean you know that). Season until you are pleased. I like a little kick, so I use cayenne pepper, but I am sort of in love with basil and like to use that as well. Mix in the butter-and-flour mixture and stir until it is dissolved into the soup, which should thicken.

Of course, it might also thicken while leaving lumps. I'm still working on this. I've gotten it right a fair few times, but wrong a couple as well. At any rate, the soup is delicious. Very easy! But still delicious.

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