Stress and Limited Options = Delicious Dinner Time!

Not an awesome picture, but totally awesome food. 
Does anyone know where one can get a dirt cheap, not sucky camera?
Sigh. Nom. Nom. 
Oops. Got distracted by delicious food. 

It's probably because I am fantastically creative and clever, but I'd like to point out that my brain has been on the verge of exploding lately and that today - while a good day - involved nearly no sleep, insane amounts of coffee, and, around the time I was making dinner, a headache that was not helped even by Torchwood. 

Whilst I was staring into the abyss known as my post-rent, pre-payday fridge, debating on what to make and if I really wanted anything anyway and just how many poached eggs can one eat before, in fact, becoming an egg themselves...I decided to go a dinner-route that occasionally works wonderfully. I just start chopping things and figure eventually, inspiration will strike. Does it alway work? Oh, god no. 

This time, though, it did. 

I hadn't really gotten into the idea even when I began slicing the chicken, but then a bag of whole wheat flour caught my eye and I realized I had some chopped potato already boiling and...well...I went with it. The boys were stealing bits from the get go and I've been mightily praised and even though I don't have a decent camera at the moment, I camera-phoned it to share. 

This is the first on what I hope to be several attempts at finding my perfect chicken tender ability. I'm really looking forward to locking this recipe down.

I'm giving the recipe as I made it, which means that it isn't enough. Ha. I was fine, I actually feel too full, but then again - I did have some bread and such and am just not feeling at my peak today. 

Ultra Delicious Chicken Tenders 

- one large chicken breast, cut into thin strips or bits, however you prefer. Fat and gross bits removed.
- a small cup of milk
- a few tablespoons whole wheat flour
- pepper, Lawry's Seasoning Salt (and when did that get in the kitchen? I couldn't find my actual salt at first.), a teaspoon or two of Gateway to the North Seasoning or, alternatively, a lemony-garlicky seasoning (see - Trinidad Lemon-Garlic Seasoning) Use any spice you like! I'd suggest things with a touch of spice, but then again, I really peppered mine up to make up for the slight hit of sweetness from the maple flavor of Gateway to the North.
- oil, tablespoonish? Not loads.

I soaked the chicken in the milk and then dredged it through my coating of flour and seasoning. After getting a nice amount of flour on, I chucked them in batches into a frying pan I'd heated up some oil in.

Cook on both side, until cooked through, and then scowl at the people trying to eat your food before you can. I had this alongside a mushroom-and-onion-filled mashed potato, but a salad would be killer or fries or anything. It's quite delicious, cooks in a flash, and thrills everyone. I find that pan frying it gets a nice bit of snap to it but also is better than deep fried. 

Not that I don't love me some fried.

I'm excited to try other ways to do this - oven bake! Different crusts! Oh, the dreams I have! 

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