Dentistry and Matt's Mashed Potatoes

This is me and one of my roomates, Matt.
We're in roommate-friend-love with each other.
And while he cooks sometimes, it is his most recent cookery that gets his snap put in here.
Also, this is a picture from months and months ago. Just saying.
We'd look just as happy, though, actually. If not more?

Monday, I had a wisdom tooth removed. It wasn't planned (I thought I was getting a consultation, not an extraction, blargh) and so, I hadn't had a chance to go soft-food shopping, let alone warn my roommates (the cast is currently at three and they are best friends of mine so, you know, we're all winners in this apartment). I'd like to take this moment to give a big shout out to Damen North Dental Clinic* for having the nicest dentist I've ever met in my life and also for clueing me in to Careington discount people because, seriously, I can't imagine having had to pay for this.

*If you live in Chicago and have questions about dentists and want to ask me about Damen North, feel free to ask away. As a non-insured, generally broke person with anxiety - I know a few things about a few doctors. This is one of them.


The consultation ended with my tooth and I being parted from each other and it took a wee bit of time. Still, it couldn't be helped so I sucked it up and said all systems were go and by the time I'd been to Target to get my prescriptions filled (bless them and their as-low-as-four dollar generics) and gotten back home, I was actually crying from pain. This was after I'd been numbed to oblivion and had been treated exceptionally well, it was just really painful because it had been a rough time and, well, my shots had worn off before I'd gotten home to take my pain killer.

This is where my roommates found me crying in my room, a little, wonky on pills and exhausted and waiting for the pain killing part to kick in.

Matt responded to my limitations and went to the store and when he came home he had things for mashed potatoes, baked/stewed/sauced apples, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The latter being more for he and our other boy-roommate (we're evenly divided, here at the halfway house of ill repute) but I was certainly part of it as I'd mentioned it as something I wanted for a day we'd already planned on involving the triology and a billion hours of projector time. (Return of the Martin Luther King Day, anyone?)

Well. For the past three days, I've largely been living off of his garlicky cheesey mashed potatoes. The other boy-roommate made a thick applesauce and I ended up making a thin custardy sauce last night for ultra-baked apples. Also, tonight featured only chocolate all-natural pudding from Jewel, which was the only pudding without any corn products I found tonight and oh, lordy, was I happy to find it.

From what my vicodined self observed, Matt's taters go a little something like this...

Matt's You Poor Broken Thing Potatoes (more or less)
- five poatoes, washed (peeled if you desire)
- butter
- half-and-half
- five cloves of garlic
- shredded Italian cheese
- two triangles of Laughing Cow cheese
- one egg
- garlic salt, pepper, salt

Water in a pot, with garlic salt added. Once boiling, chuck in potatoes and garlic cloves. When the potatoes are mashable drain and mash up with butter and half-and-half, to desired richness/texture. If, say, someone has a tooth taken out and can't chew for shit and are not that into the idea of opening their mouth - blend 'til smooth. Add cheeses and egg and seasoning and mash up more, over heat, until you are sure that no one will be poisoned.

Serve to the infirm. Watch as they enjoy it for the next few days. Feel good.

And that, my darling readers, is what friendship is.

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