Two Thousand and Win!

A melty picture of love.
She may be trying to escape and, yes, this was taken much earlier in the year.
But it's still a picture of love!

Ah, yes, the adorableness of a girl and her cat. Or of anyone and their cat. Hell, of simply a cat.

Another year is here and this time, I'm thinking that while I do not tend to make resolutions (though I excel at breaking them), I may have a few things I want to keep in mind this year. In general terms, I'd like to finally finish cleaning my room before the end of next week. I'm giving myself some time on that. I got a My French Coach on my DSLite and I want to, clearly, learn a little French.
I've started and can say the days of the week, the months, colors, and am learning to conjugate the verb To Be.

That's about as general public as I'll get here, at the moment.

As far as the blog? I'd like to update more frequently. I'm not going to make a particular day or schedule or anything, but I want to keep an eye on it more. I also want a camera, but that isn't a resolution so much as a material desire. I'll work on that later. Posting more, yes, want to do that. I also want to use more recipes from my cookbooks. I haven't done terribly, I do use them, but I mean - they have so much more to be done with them! I want to experiment a little more, to perfect some things, and maybe even to pay more attention to measurements so as to explain better.

That last one, though, is pushing it.

Then again, maybe 2010 is all about pushing it?

I did already set up a dentist appointment. Haven't done that in longer-than-any-of-your-damn-business.

Still, I have things I want to try. I have ideas I want to mess with and create and then share with you. Hopefully, all these will turn out well. Maybe they won't. Still, I've been so busy with everything that I find myself cooking the same sort of things repeatedly and while that's comforting, I'm tired of trying new things when I'm suddenly stressing out.

And right now? I am resolving to go to bed. I had a strangely long day, but insomnia convinced me this was a Go.

Bonne nuit, my darlings!

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