Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

Among my friends, I became the person who makes cupcakes. I make a lot of things and I am also celebrated for things like my pot stickers and everyone knows how much I love cooking and food and that sort of thing, but really? I became a cupcake girl. I bake them fairly often (usually) and always make batches for my friends on their birthday (they give me a flavor or an idea or something) and I even once supplied a massive amount of cupcakes for a fundraiser.

So. Yes. I make delicious cupcakes. I've got a vanilla cupcake recipe that I finally really nailed, but I've not got the photos so I'm not sharing it right now. Instead I will share the chocolate cupcake recipe from cupcakes I made.. They were so delicious that two days later, I had to make another batch (and this time, tried to take actual measurements! all for you guys! because there could be people reading this, who knows?) and those are ALSO already nearly gone. For those keeping score at home, that is twenty-seven cupcakes in not even five days.

In defense of my roommate and myself, I have to confess that other people have eaten these. And then those people? Came back for more.

So what makes this cupcake so delicious? You tell me.

- one cup flour

- 3/4 cup sugar (and then a little more, but not a whole cup)
- 1/3 cup cocoa powder (ish. i admit, i usually just shake it until it looks right. i used starbucks.)
- two eggs
- a pinch of baking powder
- one stick melted butter

- somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of milk
- quick dash of salt (i shook the shaker twice, but our shaker is smallish)

Mix the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and baking powder, and salt together. Add melted butter an
d mix. Add eggs, mix some more, and finally mix in the milk. The batter is very light and almost fluffy. You can add in chocolate chips or some such if you'd really like to (and the first time, i did!)

Put the cupcake liners (cups? skins? i call them skins. i don't know.) in your pan and put large spoonfuls of batter in each one. Not all the way full, but more like 3/4 full. Cook them at 350 F in the oven for about twenty to twenty-five minutes. When a toothpick comes out clean, you'll know they are done even if they look a little
darker in the center. I thought some of them weren't finished, but they were. Go figure.

Now, some of my cupcakes fell a little and I'm not sure why exactly as many of them did not, but know it was entirely my fault in how I put batter in but regardless, all are delicious.

Note: you could add vanilla, I'm sure, or even something spicy. I left vanilla out when I made this because it was for a friend who is allergic to vanilla.

I feel so bad for this friend. She's allergic to basil, pine, sweet peppers, and ab
out a thousand other things as well. It's very hard. We once found a pound cake that neither of us were allergic to. I won't tell you how quickly we ate it because, honestly, you very likely do not want to know. We were just so happy! Happy and full.

Now! On to the frosting! I made a delicious vanilla (sorry, my friend did not get the same frosting
.) cream cheese frosting.

- a half stick of butter (softened)
- a packet of cream cheese
- 1 1/2 or 2 cups powdered sugar
- vanilla (one teaspoon, though maybe two)

I blended the butter and cream cheese together and then added powdered sugar, a little at a time, until I was pleased with the consistency. Add vanilla and mix, making sure it is smooth and delicious. I don't even think about what I am doing when I make this frosting, so, trying to remember measurements doesn't really go so well for me. But you know what looks and tastes like frosting.

When the cupcakes are cool, you should frost them and eat them. You should also hide some from your friends because if they are like mine, they will quietly take a few to go each time they see them.

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