Honestly, Padma!

You know what is really bothering me about Top Chef this season? I expected so much more. I'm not sure what the deal is, but really - I just expected more. I immediately loved Jamie (oh, Team Rainbow, you and your cute inked lesbian. 'sup chef crush.) but grew to actually really enjoy watching her process. And Fabio won me over as well and I really think they were some of the most talented.

(that said, i totally expect stefan to win, he isn't not talented but he just really sort of was a bit tooooo whatever about it tonight)

And then they booted Jamie off. And kicked Fabio to the curve. Emeril, this is why Anthony Bourdain dissed you so hard. Because you clearly do not get it. For those wondering, "it" is defined as by what I think "it" is in regards to Top Chef. I'm just saying. I just a not into how safe everyone seems to play it, especially when - simultaneously - remaining completely stupid. "Oh, I've never made this before..." and things like that.

But our Top Chef dinner was some mashed potato (with garlic, nom, and believe me I make really awesome mashed taters. "secret" ingredients and everything), french bread (never too many carbs), and this chicken/mushroom/courgettes with a light sauce. Pretty delicious, even though I added some different things to the sauce than usual, but all the flavours really worked well together. No pictures, sorry! I was starving and just wanted to eat food. But I have some things planned that mashed taters would be a welcome side dish too, so who knows!

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