Enchiladas of deliciousness: made in Jan, posted in March.

 A few years ago, we went to a gay prom hosted by Stoli downtown.
This happiness? This is sort of what it feels like to eat these enchiladas.
Or maybe what it feels like to be a boy band at the height of their fame. 
Tomato, tomahto.

You know what makes you feel good? 

Making enchilidas - another Kelly Recipe - and nailing it on the first try, according to the ravenous boys who are the reason there is no photo of said enchiladas. 

Which means, I suppose, I will have to make more. Many, many more at the same time. So we can eat and have leftovers, which didn't reeeeeally work out so well this time. 

Talk about simple! Check this out.

The ants go marching one by one: 

- two chicken breasts
- basil
- pepper (or, even better, lemon-pepper!) 
- any other seasoning you like, I used a garlicky one from The Spice House
- one package of fluffy flour tortillas  (mine were a twelve count, I used eleven)
- two jar of green salsa (optional: you may use green enchilada sauce. my store was out.) 
- one package of Mexican cheese blend, shredded (or just go get all the delicious cheeses you want! this was budget night. and easy, I-just-worked-a-shift-from-hell night)
- sliced black olives. one can. 
- avocado, sour cream, whatever you like.

Rub the spices on the chicken breasts, then toss those babies in a steamer. Woosh! Steam until cooked through. Use two forks and shred the chicken, then dump in most of a jar of salsa. Make sure all the chicken is coated. 

Now, what you need to do is get a pan, feel free to pour a little salsa on the bottom. Take a tortilla and put some of the salsa-fied chicken with a sprinkle of cheese in it. Roll up tightly, like a cigar, and then place it in the pan. Continue until you have gone through them all or, you know, you're sick of it. You should tightly pack them in together and pour more salsa on top, then coat with cheese.

This isn't what I'd call "healthy". 

Sprinkle the olives on top and then tent some foil over it. Cook in the oven for about twenty minutes, then remove foil and cook for maybe ten more. The cheese will be all melty and browned. Your kitchen will smell amazing. It will probably smell amazing during the steaming-chicken-phase, but that's to be expected.

Dodge those who are about to shove you out the window by the stove in order to get to this. 

Then, enjoy your share. I hope you got it first.

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