Shepard's Pie or What I Did On Monday.

 Eat me! 
Because I'm ever so tasty! 
Then, go out and get some sheep and live on a farm where geese serenely watch me frolic in the daffodils.

I don't actually eat a lot of red meat, but I was wanting it pretty hardcore earlier this week and did what any self-respecting ginger does in the month of March. Or any time. Ever.

I covered it with mashed potato.

Yes, that's right, I made myself a delicious Shepard's Pie. First of all, I hadn't had one in ages (except a seafood one from Goddess & Grocer and holy quailman, was that delicious). Secondly, I've raved about my green Le Creuset baking dish and, well, any excuse to use that makes for a really fantastic day. Third, I'd had a really whatever weekend topped with being sick and cooking is super helpful for that sort of mood.

Not to mention, lately my cat has been freaking out any time I do anything involving chopping. She doesn't want an onion or even the chicken (people-food my cat eats: tuna, peppered thin-sliced deli chicken for a sammich, that's about it) - she just wants to be offered the people-food. She believes in manners and graciousness. Lyra is, after all, a lady.

If you wanted to know, said lady is currently curled up on my lap between me and my laptop. Also, I am listening to Patton Oswalt. I'm wearing a yellow Hello Kitty t-shirt with Japanese on it (which I hope says something like "I have no idea what this says!"). I figured as long as I was giving you lot useless information....

On to what you came here for!

I made a Shepard's Pie. It's not exactly traditional, but it was pretty delicious. Allow me to explain it for you! This made enough for my baking dish. I probably could have done this a little differently. BUT I DID NOT. (next time, less potato, so, keep that in mind?)


Mashed Taters (use your favorite recipe!)

- ground beef (traditionally lamb, I would like to try ground turkey or chicken or maybe a seitain! mmm. vegetarian.)
- five mushrooms, sliced
- half a can of diced tomato
- a small chopped onion
- two carrots, sliced
- several cloves of garlic, sliced and chopped
- pepper, salt, basil, spices (for some reason, I wanted tarragon. I don't even know. I've never said that before.)
- one cup of broth (beef or veg - I maybe used chicken because I had it.)
- a bay leaf
- may I suggest some peas? I did not use them as my roommate dislikes them (!!) but next time I will anyway 'cause WHATEVER I enjoy them.


The garlic and onion and carrots go in first, in a little oil. Season a little. Cook until the carrot is nearing tender. Then chuck in the meat, cook up a bit. Add tomato, mushrooms, peas. Then the broth! Naturally, season a little more and the bay leaf and let it cook down. I may or may not have gotten hungry and given up near the end - you should be a little more patient than I am.

Pour into your baking dish. Cover in delicious mashed potato. My mashed potato was simply some boiled potato, some milk, enough butter, some Vulcan Fire Salt, some Shallot-Pepper, and some cheese.

I love cheese!

Pop it into your 350 F degree oven.

Let the potato get a little toasty and then let it cool a little and CHOW DOWN. I found this really delicious. I want to perfect it.

You'll all be so thrilled! Still. I really liked it. I even ate it cold today and it was so tasty. I bet wine would be a good addition. (duh.)
Also - my cell phone pictures are getting better!

Also. If you leave stock in your meat when you put it in your dish (note to self: this recipe could be written to sound so dirty - I suspect. I don't know. Um. Moving on.) - you get the pools of broth that make it look like oil. This didn't have that much oil! Not really!

Not that this is, you know, healthy per say.


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