This is not a cupcake recipe. (no, really, it isn't.)

I'm delicious!
Find me! I'm in the blog!
Not this post though. This is a trick. Damn, Beth, damn her tricksy ways. 

Well, I haven't been posting anything, but there are multiple reasons!

A) I work a lot.
B) I went to Memphis! I ate po'boys and biscuits pretty much every day. Blackened chicken! BBQ Shrimp! So happy!
C) I've been recycling recipes the past week. I've done a stir-fry (not tipsy chicken, but still delicious) and Lock It Down Curry, this style of cooking, and I tried my hand at another chicken tender tonight (not a fail, in fact delicious, but also not really something to post home about in the sense of amazing chicken tenders SO, that's that there), and sometimes - when I'm being particularly sassy - I just make, say, a biscuit. From a can. And then I eat it. With butter. Maybe honey.

Though since Memphis, everything is usually brimming with veggies. Delicious! I love veggies.

Those are good reasons!

Still. I'm trying to post, you know, more frequently. But I'm working on it! You guys aren't sending me hate letters based on my cell phone pics of food, so, onward and upward as they say!

'Cause, oh my! The ideas I have!

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